ERP | Ireland

ERP: Ireland

Irish companies can avail of remote IT consulting wherever they are located in Ireland without being required to pay expensive consultant travel expenses and travel time fees. Often, many consulting companies do not serve clients outside the Dublin area or charge a premium for the service. In the Internet age, we can use video and audio online conference calls to assist your business and send project proposals by email and keep in 24/7 contact with your employees with instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messenger or custom, private messaging systems.

Can you remotely support ERP System modules?

Yes, most ERP systems are deployed in the 'Cloud' or remotely so accessing them for maintenance on your site is not often advantageous. It is enjoyable to make a curteousy call to our clients, however and we like to meet in person whenever possible. However, shceduling in-perons meetings need not delay the response time of our consultants to serve you, wherever you are located in Ireland.

24/7 Support

With staff all over the world, someone is always awake at erp2 so you can rest assured that along with your 24/7/365 SLA we will be keeping an eye on oyur systems even while you sleep and be available to assist you on any day of the week, every week of the year.

Can you provide software as Gailge?

Yes, we can provide you with software in over 195 languages, including Irish. Custom ERP is all about providing exactly what the client wants. You can have 2 default profile types if you prefer to make your software bi-linugual in Enlgish and Irish, or 3, 4 5 or more languages if your organisation is multi-national and requires internationalisation.