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Under Your Control: Freedom is rare in Software, but uniquely, at we give it to you. You are free to host your own server or allow us to look after your system for you. There are no migration issues, should you decide to move to another provider. This is because our software licensing means that you have access to the entire server stack. We utilise the Open Source AGPL Free Software License for your custom ERP software.

ERP Server
ERP Server

Freedom – GNU/Linux is a Free-as-in-Freedom OS that our platform runs on. This means there are no additional server licensing costs form any other vendor.

Speed – All of the World’s Top 500 supercomputers run the Linux kernel.

Security – Our hosting partners are Information Security Certified and protect from DDOS attack with Arbor and Juniper hardware.

Privacy – You can use a dedicated root server for your system which means that, unlike other companies, you do not share your server with anyone else.

Standards Based – We do not use any patented proprietary technology and only implement open standards which allow you to easily migrate to another server.

Cost Effective – We offer the most competitive server pricing, guaranteed.

  • ERP Server - Fox Certification ISO 27001 - Information Security Certified
  • ERP_Server - Intel Technology_Provider Platinum 2017
  • ERP_Server - Dell Partner Direct Registered.
  • ERP Server - Readers Choice Hosting Awards 2016 Platinum

“83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020”
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